The decade of ecological restoration: Plans for required urgent synthesis of restoration across ecosystems and treatments

Emma Ladouceur

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The recently declared ‘Decade on Ecological Restoration’ by the United Nations represents a timely opportunity to develop a strong and integrative path forward for ecological restoration. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create a living data repository where restoration successes (and failures) are collated and made freely available to researchers and practitioners alike. Restoration has been taking place for decades across ecosystems, in every part of the world, with millions being spent. Different types of restoration ‘action’ have been taking place, depending on the definitions and targets of individual projects and their context. Data collected are used for monitoring, the results of which are sometimes published in academic journals, sometimes not. Projects and investment will continue, the results of which will affect legacies for decades more. We are in the process of developing a large, cross-cutting and collaborative effort to compile data from across the world, across ecosystems and across restoration efforts and types. We plan to publish an open-access data paper, maintain and grow the database as other efforts join, and lead the syntheses of these data in order to move forward into this dawning decade with an idea of what works and doesn’t, what constitutes success, and major lessons learned. We invite anyone involved in restoration, in any corner of the world to join us on our mission and donate existing data to be a part of an effort to quantify success and synthesize the future of ecological restoration.

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