The Lowland Grassland Management Handbook

Crofts, A. and R.G. Jefferson

Publication Date:

This second edition includes new sections on managing grassland habitats for particular groups of species: rare vascular plants; lower plants; and reptiles and amphibians. We have added to the special cases chapter by incorporating a section on grasslands in wood pasture and parklands with veteran trees; and we have also added a chapter on monitoring grasslands. A further new chapter explores the agricultural perspective of lowland grassland – particularly relevant in view of the economic pressures on sheep and beef farmers and the growing support for less intensive systems of production. Although creation can never be a substitute for retaining our existing unimproved grasslands, new areas can bring many benefits to both people and wildlife. ln recognition of that fact, a chapter on grassland creation has been added.

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The Wildlife Trusts, English Nature, the Countryside Council for Wales and Scottish Natural Heritage