The Restoration Indicator Toolkit: Indicators for Monitoring the Ecological Success of Stream Restoration

Parkyn, S., K. Collier, J. Clapcott, B. David, R. Davies-Colley, F. Matheson, J. Quinn, W. Shaw and R. Storey

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The Toolkit has been developed primarily for the needs of regional councils with access to laboratories and technical equipment, but it should also be useful for community groups and resource users that are undertaking stream restoration without specialist equipment. It is based around the concept of identifying the important goals of the restoration and choosing appropriate indicators to measure the success of those goals. Some of the indicators require specialist equipment or technical training. However, there are several indicators for each type of goal, and when selecting from the Toolkit, a community group may simply avoid specialist indicators and choose others that match their goals and can be measured more easily. Alternatively, it may be possible for a community group to work with the regional council or research scientists in monitoring a restoration site.

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Technical Document

National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research