The Role of Forest Biodiversity in the Sustainable Use of Ecosystem Goods and Services in Agro-forestry, Fisheries, and Forestry

Koizumi, T., K. Okabe, I. Thompson, K. Sugimura, T. Toma and K. Fujita (eds.)

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This symposium has been organized for providing further information to the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD/COP10) which will be held in Nagoya, Japan in October, 2010. One of the objectives of CBD is to harmonize the conservation of bio-diversity with the sustainable use of the components of biodiversity. Recently, it has been recognized that conserving forest ecosystem leads to serve various goods and services to forests and their surrounding environments. In the symposium, we have focused on forest biodiversity and its importance for agriculture, forestry and fishery so that we can increase our understanding on values of forest biodiversity as ecosystem services which are vital to our society.

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Technical Document

Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute