Thinking Big with Whole-Ecosystem Studies and Ecosystem Restoration: A Legacy of H.T. Odum

Mitsch, W.J. and J.W Day Jr.

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More recently we have been engaged in whole-ecosystem experiments, partially inspired by the work of Odum, at created wetlands in northeastern Illinois to investigate effects of water turnover on ecosystem function and in Ohio to provide insight on the long-range large-scale effects of hydrology and macrophyte planting on ecosystem function. We have also carried out major ecosystem-scale studies in coastal Louisiana, investigating the value of these ecological systems in treating wastewater and restoring lost landscape in coastal Louisiana. These studies in the Midwest and Mississippi delta form the basis of determining design standards on creating and restoring wetlands in the Mississippi River Basin to reduce the Gulf of Mexico hypoxia and regain many lost ecosystem functions over a large part of North America.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Monitoring