Using Plant Functional Traits to Understand the Landscape Distribution of Multiple Ecosystem Services

Lavorel, S., K. Grigulis, P. Lamarque, M-P. Colace, D. Garden, J. Girel, G. Pellet and R. Douzet

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Spatially explicit understanding of the delivery of multiple ecosystem services (ES) from global to local scales is currently limited. New studies analysing the simultaneous provision of multiple services at landscape scale should aid the understanding of multiple ES delivery and trade-offs to support policy, management and land planning. Analyses of ES using plant functional variation across landscapes are a powerful approach to understanding the fundamental ecological mechanisms underlying ES provision, and trade-offs or synergies among services. Sustainable management of species and functionally diverse grassland could simultaneously aim at conserving biodiversity and locally important ES by taking advantage of correlations and trade-offs among different plant functional traits.

Resource Type:
Peer-reviewed Article

Journal of Ecology