Wetland Mitigation: Planning Hydrology, Vegetation, and Soils for Constructed Wetlands

Pierce, G., with contributing editors, M.N. Gilbert and R. Pierce

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The A to Z of wetland construction and restoration. As Dr. Paul Keddy writes in the Foreword: “Half of the challenge, as Wetland Mitigation tells us, is simply getting the water right. Too much flooding, or too little flooding, can have disastrous effects on the survival of populations and emergence of communities. Now note the first two words in the sub-title. Planning hydrology. Get the hydrology right, this book says, and you are well on your way…This book has four entire chapters on water, all dealing one way or another with the hydrograph, …an essential tool for getting the water right.” Also included: setting goals for construction planning, preparing hydrographs and managing substrate and subgrade, models for wetland construction, plants to include, and how to plant them, and access to an Excel program to prepare annual hydrographs based on monthly data sets.

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Wetland Training Institute