Wetland Revegetation: Tools, Techniques and Best Practices


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North Fork Native Plants specializes in innovative products for the restoration, reclamation and landscaping industries. An array of products feature wetland sod, bare root wetland plants, deep rooted willows, custom grown coir logs, wildlife islands, containerized native plants and custom growing services. Current projects include large scale restorations of aquatic habitats in Idaho, Montana and Colorado. 1) Tim Watters, Owner, North Fork Native Plants. Tim joined NFNP in 2006 after moving from the Midwest to eastern Idaho. He has prior experience in business management/ ownership and investment banking. Tim leads the sales and marketing team and oversees all operations and finance matters. 2) Ann Lefler, Marketing, Sales & Operations Support Manager, North Fork Native Plants. Ann joined NFNP in 2017 and is a fifth generation Idaho native. She earned a B.S. in Natural Resource Management and Watershed Science from Colorado State University and is currently pursuing an MS in Restoration Ecology at the University of Idaho. Ann has 20 years experience in hydrology, water quality and botany.

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