White Paper on the Use of Prescribed Fire in Land Management, Nature Conservation and Forestry in Temperate-Boreal Eurasia

Symposium on Fire Management in Cultural and Natural Landscapes

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The symposium will provide a platform for the exchange of data, expertise, and views of institutions and individuals who are actively applying or conducting research in prescribed burning for the purpose of nature conservation (biodiversity management, habitat management), land and landscape management, and forestry, notably in forest fire management. As the EFNCN is operating at the science-management and science-policy interface, representatives of institutions representing land managers and owners, public services, e.g. fire services, are invited to attend to discuss and share views on professional capacity building in the use of prescribed fire. Overall, the symposium will support the advancement of the use of prescribed fire in Eurasia; particularly by considering the involvement of local communities in land and fire management. The region of interest covered by the symposium is temperate-boreal Eurasia with a focus on Europe North of the Alps and the adjoining countries of East / Southeast Europe, Caucasus, Central and Northeast Asia.

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White Paper

UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Fire and the Global Fire Monitoring Center