About the RRC

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The Restoration Resource Center is an interactive platform for knowledge exchange and learning in the field of ecological restoration. Through its searchable database, the RRC provides practitioners, researchers, educators, students, and the public with access to a wide variety of resources, publications, and project information from around the world.

The database is still under development, and we are continually making updates and improvements to expand the content. Our goal is to make the RRC the principal clearinghouse for information sharing related to ecological restoration.

We need your input!

The RRC is ultimately a user-driven tool, and its value in providing insight into effective restoration practices, directions for new research, and other trends in the field depends on the active engagement of our users. If you are involved with a restoration project, please take some time to fill out our project submission form and share your experiences with other readers. Whether the project was a resounding success or a spectacular failure, a landscape-scale effort or a small undertaking, others will benefit from learning how it was implemented and hearing what worked and what didn’t!

We are also actively expanding our collection of resources and publications. If you are aware of a resource we should have in the database, please let us know or take a moment to add it.

If you have other feedback about the RRC or suggestions for how we can make it a more effective resource, please contact us.