Make a Difference Week with Tiyanjane Youth Club

The activity will take place at Kagonamwake village woodlot where we will be clearing all bushes and make the fire break around the woodlot to avoid harmful fire destroying it. We will also be planting some trees that grows through stem cutting as we are approaching summer, these stems will be collected in the same woodlot. The hoes will be brought from villagers while pangas and slashers will be collected from Tiyanjane youth club. Key stakeholders attending the event will be representatives from different community structures including local chiefs and villagers. The activity will be done on 05/06/2021.
On 09th June,2021,Tiyanjane youth club will meet the local leaders and villagers from Kagulo village for Biomass charcoal demostration as an altenative source of energy for cooking and others. Few selected group of people will attend due to Covid-19 measures.

Primary Activity: Revegetation/Seeding
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

Organizer Details
Tikambe Youth Organization

Organizer: Tiyanjane Youth Club
Partners: Tikambe Youth Organization

COVID Protocols

We will provide masks, hand washing stations, and maintain social distancing

Registration & Contact Info

Registration: By phone at +265882569949/+265995942512 or email at

Name: George Mloma
City: Mwanza
Country: Malawi

Date & Time

June 5, 2021 @ 9:00 am
Local timezone


Location: Kagonamwake Village, GVH Kagonamwake, Snr Chief Nthache, Mwanza District, Malawi
City: Mwanza
Country: Malawi
Region: Africa