Pulling Together Volunteers in Saanich Parks

Saanich Parks will highlight some of the work that our staff and volunteers are doing to improve biodiversity on southern Vancouver Island, BC. Our Pulling Together volunteers, staff and youth from local schools will engage in community stewardship by removing invasive plants to help restore the integrity of natural ecosystems.

Saanich is home to diverse natural areas, with one of the most endangered ecosystems in all of Canada. We manage our Natural Areas parks to protect and enhance biodiversity. From wildflower meadows to forest streams, these spaces provide important wildlife habitat and opportunities for visitors to enjoy, relax and learn about the local environment. Impacts from urban pressures and invasive species continue to be managed through restoration projects and volunteer stewardship.

Primary Activity: Invasive species treatment
Accessibility: Easy walk

Organizer Details

Organizer: Saanich Parks Volunteer Program (Website)

COVID Protocols

Closed event. Ecosystem restoration requires many hands, and we look forward to welcoming new volunteers when Provincial Health Orders permit.

Registration & Contact Info

Registration: n/a. closed event.

Name: Katie Turner
Email: Katie.Turner@saanich.ca
City: Victoria
Country: Canada

Date & Time

June 8, 2021 @ 10:00 am
Local timezone


Location: Saanich Parks
City: Saanich
Country: Canada
Region: North America