Scotch broom removal at East Sooke Regional Park

Come join us at beautiful East Sooke Regional Park, a premier hiking destination in the Capital Regional District (CRD), to help remove some invasive Scotch broom that is encroaching on the open field areas of the park. Later you can enjoy a hike along the scenic and rugged coast trail and experience some West Coast wilderness, or picnic at the pocket beach at Aylard Farm. One thing for certain, you won't be disappointed.

Primary Activity: Invasive species treatment
Accessibility: Easy walk
Family Friendly

Organizer Details

Organizer: Colleen Long, Coordinator of Volunteers - CRD Regional Parks (Website)

COVID Protocols

Due to COVID-19, we need to limit this session to 15 individuals. Below are the COVID-19 safety protocols that we are asking you to adhere to in order for this session to take place. • Please do not attend the session if you are not feeling well, have any COVID-19 symptoms, have been outside of the country within the last 14 days and/or if you are required to self-isolate. • Please try and maintain 2m of distancing throughout the session. • We are asking that you bring a mask with you to the session in case you find yourself in a situation where you are not able to maintain 2m of distancing. For the majority of the session you will not need to wear a mask, though you may need to put one on if you are helping with tying up and carrying out bundles at the end of the session, or for other situations that you may encounter. • Everyone is required to wear gloves and a safety vest, which we launder after every session and the handles of the tools are disinfected before and after each session. • We will have hand sanitizer on hand.

Registration & Contact Info


Name: Colleen Long, Coordinator of Volunteers - CRD Regional Parks
City: Victoria
Country: Canada

Date & Time

June 5, 2021 @ 9:30 am
Local timezone


Location: East Sooke Regional Park - Aylard Farm Entrance
City: Victoria
Country: Canada
Region: North America