Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary – Tuesday Crew Invasive Plant Management

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is a 160+ acre Nature Sanctuary in Victoria, BC. The Nature Sanctuary is comprised of a low wetland area surrounding Swan Lake that is vital for the health of the local watershed, and a rocky, Garry oak meadow on top of Christmas Hill. Although exceptionally diverse (694 plant species alone!), the latter ecosystem represents some of the last remaining 5% of its kind in Canada.

Join us as we trim out invasive species and restore the integrity of this beautiful, threatened ecosystem!

Primary Activity: Invasive species treatment
Accessibility: Easy walk
Family Friendly

Organizer Details

Organizer: Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary (Website)

COVID Protocols

The Nature Sanctuary follows the guidelines and regulations of the Provincial Health Office. All work is out of doors with more than 2m (6ft) of space between individuals. Tools are not shared.

Registration & Contact Info

Registration: Via email

Name: Julia Dawson
Email: jdawson@swanlake.bc.ca
City: Victoria
Country: Canada

Date & Time

June 8, 2021 @ 9:00 am
Local timezone


Location: 3873 Swan Lake Rd.
City: Victoria
Country: Canada
Region: North America